From the details within the shop to the quality of your services, everyone here is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience. M.Boss has the talent; check out our ever-growing team.

Bethany Voight


Bethany has been a stylist/barber for 16 years. She opened M.Boss with her husband, Adam, in 2016. Bethany specializes in razor and scissor cuts. She is terrified of blood and will pass out at the sight of it. Bethany stands by the motto, “It’s a good day for a good day.” Outside of work, you can catch her wrangling kids with her hubby and mixing essential oil potions.
Johnna Sirois

Senior Barber/Shop Manager

Johnna has been a barber/stylist for 12 years in Columbia. She has been managing M.Boss for 6 years and is one of the OGs. She specializes in taper fades, bald fades and scissor cuts. In her off time, she enjoys going on adventures with her husband and two girls.
Sam Thai

Senior Stylist

Sam has been in the industry for 12 years. She specializes in skin fades and textured cuts and is our go-to social media photographer. Sam has been with M.Boss for 6 years and is one of the OGs. She’s your biggest hype man and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. She has well over 100 houseplants and will bombard you with cat photos.
Jerica Narr


Jerica holds cosmetology licenses in Missouri and Texas. She has been doing hair for 13 years. Jerica loves a bald fade and detailed beard trims. She is a girl mom with an ever-growing boot collection.
Daniel Lewis

Senior Barber

Daniel has been in the hair industry for 6 years. He focuses on tailored haircuts and straight-razor shaves. He enjoys many passions and is always looking for the next adrenaline rush. He’ll definitely tell you all about his latest endeavor the next time you’re in his chair!
Diana Fritzam


Diana has been working in the beauty industry since 2010. She enjoys the fine details of a haircut and making you feel fresh when leaving. Diana has a huge passion for animals and has a talent of sneezing eight times or more in a row. Wait until you witness it.
Adam Treutelaar


Adam joined the hair industry in 2020 and is proud to be a part of such a talented team at M.Boss. He specializes in mid-length scissor cuts and precision fades with an emphasis on texture and balance. To Adam, the most important part of a haircut is the consultation. He wants every client to receive a custom haircut that works for them every day. Outside of work, he enjoys live music, competitive gaming and hanging with friends and his cat.
Emma Straub


Emma is a stylist who’s been in the industry for 2 years. She specializes in fades, beard grooming and brow waxing. Driven by her love for people, she strives to give all her clients the best service possible. In her spare time, she loves to hang with friends, paint and take care of her pets and bee hives.

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